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Reflections: The Golden Rule

the golden rule

On occasion, I am pleasantly surprised by a stranger who pays for my meal. Most of the time, I never see their faces or even know their names. I am just the lucky person they decided to bestow a kind gesture to that day. Of course, kindness is contagious, and I usually pay it forward to the next person. These random acts of generosity always move me, and I realize the world isn’t entirely heartless.

In 2019, we live in a self-centered age. Everywhere you turn, people are seeking more fame, money, attention, and power. The lust for “more” is insatiable, and sometimes people can be harmed in the process. Continue reading Reflections: The Golden Rule

Reflections: Thank God for Closed Doors

 thank god for closed doorsWe have all experienced ups and downs in life! Perhaps a relationship didn’t work out or maybe you didn’t secure a job you desperately wanted. Closed doors can be disappointing, but don’t let that discourage you. Closed door can sometimes lead to something astounding! That’s why we thank God for closed doors at Virgo Philosophy.
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Reflections: Making Tough Decisions in Life

tough decisionsA generation ago, people started working for an employer at the ripe age of 18 and never left. For their youth, deferred dreams, and precious time, they received a pension and maybe a gold watch when they retired. Well, there is a new generation in town called: Millennials. Millennials think differently. The thought of giving up our youth, dreams, and time for something not making a difference in the world is absurd. Continue reading Reflections: Making Tough Decisions in Life

Reflections: Make Memories and Enjoy Quality Time

Make MemoriesMost of us work. In the United States, most people work 40 hours or more. We become workaholics to create stability for our family and to put forth our own embodiment of the “American Dream”.  But is it worth it? In most circumstances – yes. Working helps us pay for a roof over our heads and allows us to buy food to eat. It may even allow us take a great vacation once in awhile or buy that new fancy top. But in some ways working impedes us from enjoying priceless moments in life. Continue reading Reflections: Make Memories and Enjoy Quality Time