Reflections: The Golden Rule

the golden rule

On occasion, I am pleasantly surprised by a stranger who pays for my meal. Most of the time, I never see their faces or even know their names. I am just the lucky person they decided to bestow a kind gesture to that day. Of course, kindness is contagious, and I usually pay it forward to the next person. These random acts of generosity always move me, and I realize the world isn’t entirely heartless.

In 2019, we live in a self-centered age. Everywhere you turn, people are seeking more fame, money, attention, and power. The lust for “more” is insatiable, and sometimes people can be harmed in the process. I don’t believe the narcissist tide will ebb any time soon, but there is hope. Formed in antiquity, the Golden Rule may seem antiquated, but I believe its philosophy is needed now more than ever today.

The Golden Rule

According to the Golden Rule, you are supposed to do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. The Golden Rule spans both religions and cultures and is vital in governing and promoting harmony in society. Per the rule, everyone should put themselves in the other person’s shoes before saying or reacting in any way. Instead of rushing to act, you pause to reflect — careful to avoid foolish decisions.

Food for Thought

I know we don’t have much time for what’s most important today, like family and personal wellness, but change starts with one. Make a kind gesture today. Buy the person behind you a cup of coffee, allow someone to merge in your lane, or call up your dear grandmother and say hi. Treating people well is contagious, and quite frankly, it feels incredible for everyone involved. The world would be a better place if we followed the Golden Rule and focused less on our egos.

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