President Trump and Roger Stone

Roger Stone

The media is abuzz again! President Donald Trump tweeted support for his longtime friend Roger Stone and his disappointment on federal prosecutors recommending a seven to nine-year prison sentence for Stone. President Trump also incited more speculation by congratulating Attorney General Bill Barr for looking into the case, which made people question if the Trump Administration is protecting his cronies from receiving fair and impartial justice for crimes. Continue reading President Trump and Roger Stone

Documentary Review: Who Killed Malcolm X?

Last weekend, I spent most of Saturday nestled under my blanket on the couch watching “Who Killed Malcolm X?” on Netflix. I must be honest. I have always admired Malcolm X. He made his mark on the world decades before I was born, but when I watch old black and white videos of him, I am captivated. I see a handsome, articulate black man with purpose and devotion to uplifting his people, and that is a precious sight to be seen, despite the fact, I am not a Muslim or Nation of Islam (NOI) member. Continue reading Documentary Review: Who Killed Malcolm X?

The Wuhan Coronavirus

Wuhan CoronavirusFINAL UPDATE (2/12/2020): The coronavirus has officially been called COVID-19. Per reports, it has killed more than 1,100 people and sickened about 45,500.

UPDATE (2/4/2020): Per CNBC, former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said, “The coronavirus will likely grow into a pandemic”. Continue reading The Wuhan Coronavirus

Prince Harry and Meghan Stepping Away From Royal Life? 

A few years ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle captured the world’s attention when they got married in St George Chapel at Windsor Castle. Roughly two years later, they have our attention again. This time they are shaking up the British monarchy with a bombshell announcement about their intentions going forward.

According to Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s website,, the couple plans to step back from royal life so that they can achieve a progressive new role and work to be financially independent. They will continue to serve Her Majesty The Queen, The Monarchy, as well as the Commonwealth;  however, they will spend their time between the United Kingdom and North America. Continue reading Prince Harry and Meghan Stepping Away From Royal Life? 

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