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Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seedsAutumn is just a few days away, and October is right around the corner! However, you don’t have to wait for autumn or October to enjoy delicious pumpkin seeds. You can eat pumpkin seeds throughout the year in your meals or simply as a snack. This tiny seed is a superfood and packs a tremendous amount of nutritional value for both men and women. Continue reading Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Seeds


Why You Should Eat Plums?

eat plumsPlums are succulent and delicious stone fruits which come from the same family as peaches and apricots. There are close to 2000 varieties of plums which explains differences in shape, pigment, and taste.

If you are like most Virgos (myself included), you struggle with intestinal and bowel issues. When you include plums in your diet, constipation will lessen you will have better digestion. Continue reading Why You Should Eat Plums?


Mandarin Oranges Are A Healthy Snack

mandarinsMandarin oranges are a popular snack in the winter months and around the holidays. They are readily available at most any grocery store, and offer a portable, easy to eat snack. Even better, mandarins are extremely good for you, and are a healthy sweet treat. Continue reading Mandarin Oranges Are A Healthy Snack


Eating Olives for Health Benefits

eating olivesOlives – they are more than a decoration for a martini.  These meaty, low-calorie, nutrient-rich bites are healthy for you. Many people opt out of eating olives because they believe they are high in fat. The truth of the matter is olives do contain fats . . . but healthy unsaturated fats like avocados. Unsaturated fats are great at lessening your risk  of heart disease.  So munch on an olive or two. Continue reading Eating Olives for Health Benefits