Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seedsAutumn is just a few days away, and October is right around the corner! However, you don’t have to wait for autumn or October to enjoy delicious pumpkin seeds. You can eat pumpkin seeds throughout the year in your meals or simply as a snack. This tiny seed is a superfood and packs a tremendous amount of nutritional value for both men and women.

Pumpkin seeds (also called pepitas) are flat, green, and oval-shaped seeds. These tiny seeds are chocked full of a wide range of nutrients including copper, magnesium, fiber, iron, zinc, Vitamin K.

After extensive research studies, pepitas have been proven to offer the following health benefits;

Anti-Cancer Properties

Pumpkin seeds have been confirmed to help with the treatments of various cancers including colon, lung, and breast, prostate and stomach cancer. Pumpkin seed extracts contain lignans that have antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. They have been medically proved to reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially for women past the menopause age. They may also slow down or inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Very High in Magnesium

Pumpkin seeds are among the few and best natural sources of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that lacks in most of our diets, exposing us to several health concerns. More than 600 chemical processes in our bodies need magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that is required for the following purposes;

  •  Reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Control blood pressure.
  • Forming & maintaining healthy bones.

Improved male reproductive health

Pumpkin seeds have also been proved to help relieve the symptoms on enlarged prostate. When the prostate is enlarged, issues with the urination system can develop such as the frequent need to urinate, straining to urinate, difficulty to start urinating, etc. The high zinc content in the pepitas help keep the prostate healthy. Moreover, the zinc amounts are also a perfect remedy for fertility in men by boosting the sperm quality and also enhancing their testosterone levels.

Reduce inflammation

Various studies show that pumpkin seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids in the pepitas protect your body cells from dangerous free radicals and most importantly reduce inflammation.

With pepitas providing so many health benefits, what are you waiting for? These tiny green seeds are packed with valuable nutrients and are undoubtedly delicious. They are a true superfood. Start enjoying them in your diet today.

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