Why You Should Eat Plums?

eat plumsPlums are succulent and delicious stone fruits which come from the same family as peaches and apricots. There are close to 2000 varieties of plums which explains differences in shape, pigment, and taste.

If you are like most Virgos (myself included), you struggle with intestinal and bowel issues. When you include plums in your diet, constipation will lessen you will have better digestion.

Nutritional Value

Plums are not only satisfyingly sweet but very nutritious too. They are a great source of numerous vitamins including A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, and E. They are also a great source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, and fluoride. In addition to this, plums are rich in antioxidants and fiber and low in calories.

How to Eat Plums?

Plums can be consumed either fresh or dried. When dried, they are referred to as prunes. Plums and prunes are both highly nutritious though certain antioxidants and nutrients are intensified when the fruit is dried. Plums can be eaten on their own or incorporated into various delicious meals such as salads, sauces, desserts, and beverages.

The Many Health Benefits of Plums

Plums offer an extensive range of health benefits and below are a few key ones:

Relieve Constipation

Plums are rich in fiber and consuming them can help treat constipation. Plums add bulk to the stool and contain sorbitol which acts as a natural laxative.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Prunes are great for bone health as they help in the formation of bones, protect against bone loss, and increase bone density. Prunes have also been found to reverse bone loss brought on by osteoporosis and old age.

Control Blood Sugar

Plums help regularize and control blood sugar which helps in managing and fighting diabetes.

Protect the Heart

Plums help keep the heart healthy by improving blood flow within the arteries. Plums also reduce cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure low.


Plums are rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to the entire body and help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

Do you eat plums? Let us know why you enjoy them in the comments.

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