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Will the Federal Government Shutdown Tomorrow?

Government Shutdown Tomorrow

UPDATE: The shutdown has been averted. The countdown has started for December 20th!

Well, folks, here we go again! Federal government employees and American citizens are sitting at their dinner tables, wondering if there will be a federal government shutdown tomorrow.

If a continuing resolution (CR) fails to pass by Thursday at midnight, the federal government will shut down due to a lack of funding.

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The U.S. Withdraw Troops from Syria

Withdraw Troops

UPDATE: Yesterday, Vice President Pence announced a five-day ceasefire with Turkey in Northern Syria. Whether the ceasefire will persist is questionable, at best.

U.S. President Donald Trump made a recent decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria. Since 2014, Syrian Kurdish fighters have been important allies of the U.S. in the effort to defeat the terrorist group ISIS. Now that ISIS’s numbers have diminished and more than 10,000 ISIS fighters  are in captivity, President Trump figured it was time to bring back the American troops from the region. This was a campaign promise that he wanted to fulfill before the next election in 2020. Continue reading The U.S. Withdraw Troops from Syria

The Enchanting Jessye Norman Has Passed Away

Jessye Norman
The extraordinary Jessye Norman. An international opera superstar.

This morning I had an angel sing to me, and her voice moved me beyond words. The angel’s name was Jessye Norman.

Norman was an international opera superstar, Grammy Award winner, and best known as “one of the great sopranos of the past half-century.” Yesterday, she, sadly, passed away at the age of 74 in Manhattan, New York. According to a statement released by her family, she died of septic shock and multiple organ failure following a spinal cord injury she sustained in 2015. Continue reading The Enchanting Jessye Norman Has Passed Away

The Okay Hand-Gesture is Now A Hate Symbol?

okay hand-gestureThe “okay” hand-gesture is now considered a hate symbol. Yes, you read that correctly. The innocent gesture that meant a friendly and non-verbal okay is now a sign of hate.

Controversy over the Okay Hand-Gesture

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish anti-hate organization, white supremacists and alt-right trolls are using the hand-gesture to signify “white power.” As a result, it has been added to their online database entitled, “Hate on Display,” along-side the swastika and other symbols of hate. Continue reading The Okay Hand-Gesture is Now A Hate Symbol?