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Reflection: Think for Yourself

Think for Yourself

Article written in the first person from a staff member.

In 2016, it can be hard to hear your inner voice. There are 24 hour news programs, social media, gurus of every topic, and everyone from a world leader to your dear friend has an opinion on how you should live your life. Everyone to some degree will try to persuade you to believe the same as them. And it is okay to listen. But through the noise, you must think for yourself. Whether you sink or swim, you must make your own choices in life.

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Reflections: Be Grateful

be gratefulBe grateful for what you have today.  At times we may feel a desire for more possessions in life when we truly don’t need them. The need for a new car, new house, new phone, new clothes or shoes, etc. because we have “earned” it. In reality, we are just fine with what we have.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we do have – show gratitude. No matter what your situation is, your situation would be envied by someone else in the world. The small things: clean drinking water; warm water to bathe; a bed; shelter; loved ones; and an able body and mind. These are just few things we may have and don’t fully appreciate.
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Reflections: Don’t be a Debbie Downer

Debbie DownerWhat is a “Debbie Downer”?

A Debbie Downer (Donnie Downer is the male equivalent) is a person who is constantly depressive and gloomy. They tend to destroy positive circumstances with their negative vibes. Their negativity is known to be infectious and make others feel miserable.
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Reflections: The Disgruntled Coworker

The 2007 Recession struck a chord with many people. Every day it was not uncommon to hear about mass layoffs and stories of the unemployed.

With that being said, it is not uncommon in 2014 to witness disgruntled coworkers in the workplace. You would think people would be happy to have a job, especially a job that paid decently. However, it is not enough for people who feel they are owed something.

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