Reflections: Make Memories and Enjoy Quality Time

Make MemoriesMost of us work. In the United States, most people work 40 hours or more. We become workaholics to create stability for our family and to put forth our own embodiment of the “American Dream”.  But is it worth it? In most circumstances – yes. Working helps us pay for a roof over our heads and allows us to buy food to eat. It may even allow us take a great vacation once in awhile or buy that new fancy top. But in some ways working impedes us from enjoying priceless moments in life.

Daily Grind

Waking up and heading to your daily grind may send your child to a stranger for childcare. In doing so, you may miss your child’s first words or steps. Getting up early to beat the morning rush can cost you countless sunrises and minutes in a cozy spot in bed. Believe us – we know! Heading out late may prevent you from sharing a meal with your loved ones. How about a pressing assignment and a stern boss giving you a hard time to deal with an ailing loved one properly.

The busyness of the modern world makes it hard to spend priceless time with our loved ones and even ourselves. We start to live to work instead of working to live. Living a life of servitude to to our debtors and employers.

A Balance

Look, everyone needs an income. We do not want to dissuade you from working. We all have to provide for ourselves. But we implore everyone to seek a balance for both work and family. Lots of employers claim they have a balance between the two but most don’t embrace the notion.

Make  Memories

If you can, make time. Make time for yourself. Make time for your family and friends. Time is everyone’s adversary. Once time is gone, we can’t get it back. If you get leave from work, take a personal day. If you can’t take a day, start small and devote an hour.  Meditate, relax, plan an activity, or spend some quiet quality time with someone. Remember, rarely does anyone on their death bed ask for more work. They think about the fantastic memories they’ve experienced. Start making memories!

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