Yayoi Kusuma: Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirrors

Embracing the arts is what makes life pleasurable and introspective.  The concept of employing art to delve deep into the human mind and question the state of life itself is a treat.

When the local news outlets announced the Yayoi Kusuma: Infinity Mirrors exhibition was coming to the Hirshorn in Washington DC, it was exciting. It was a great way to support art and enjoy this artist’s iconic installations.

Hunt for Passes

Like many, my hunt for passes began and came to a screeching halt. The insane demand for the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibit became apparent. The website the Hirshorn provided for free advanced timed passes was not adequate. The passes would “go on sale” at noon and were gone within the first few minutes.  Hard to believe thousands of tickets disappeared in a matter of a few minutes, but that is what happened. That has to be a world record! A part of me wonders if bots were grabbing up passes.

Three weeks in a row the dreaded “sold out” words taunted art lovers like myself. The museum mentioned they give walk-up passes, but landing a ticket is not guaranteed. Standing outside for hours for a chance to get a ticket also isn’t very appealing.

The Fall Out

To be fair, the Hirshorn have made attempts to aid the demand. They’ve added staff, extended hours, set up free timed passes, and shortened wait-times, but it hasn’t helped much. The ground-breaking demand is too high. At this point, you probably have better odds at winning the lottery than acquiring tickets for the Infinity Mirrors.

If you did get a chance to catch the exhibition, let us know if it was worth it. It looks very interesting and fantastical. Like stepping into a new, strange world. A one-of-a-kind experience for certain.

Maybe next time…..

*This article was written by a Virgo Philosophy staff member


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