Eating Olives for Health Benefits

eating olivesOlives – they are more than a decoration for a martini.  These meaty, low-calorie, nutrient-rich bites are healthy for you. Many people opt out of eating olives because they believe they are high in fat. The truth of the matter is olives do contain fats . . . but healthy unsaturated fats like avocados. Unsaturated fats are great at lessening your risk  of heart disease.  So munch on an olive or two.

Options for Eating Olives

There is a large variety of olives to try. To name a few: Kalamata, Castelvetrano, Cerignola, Nyon, Niçoise, Liguria, Gaeta, Picholine, Gordal, Alfonso, Mission,  Manzanilla, Beldi, and Amfissa. These tasty treats  look a bit different than the typical round green olives, but nonetheless, they are still olives and are accompanied by numerous health benefits. Try different ones to find your favorite.

Olives in Action

The benefits of eating olives are plentiful. So plentiful we can’t mention all of them. We’ve already mentioned how olives are packed with healthy unsaturated fats. Research have found evidence of diets high in unsaturated fats lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and the risk for other cardiovascular diseases.

Olives are low calorie. A small olive is about four calories, while a large one is about seven calories. Despite their small calorie count, they contain a high amount of dietary fiber. This is helpful for digestive health, the prevention of overeating, and weight loss.

Vitamin E – an essential vitamin – is also packed into these small fruits. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It protects the body against external factors like sun damage and pollution. Antioxidants are also known to either slow or  prevent the development of cancer.

Put Olives to the Test!

Despite great health benefits, olives are high in sodium due to the curing process they undergo. Moderation is key to benefit greatly from them.  Try incorporating them in your diet if you haven’t already. Sprinkle them in salads, top them on hummus, or just eat them as is. These affordable treats also are great with cheese and crackers.  Put them to the test and start reaping the benefits!


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