Reflections: Be Grateful

be gratefulBe grateful for what you have today.  At times we may feel a desire for more possessions in life when we truly don’t need them. The need for a new car, new house, new phone, new clothes or shoes, etc. because we have “earned” it. In reality, we are just fine with what we have.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we do have – show gratitude. No matter what your situation is, your situation would be envied by someone else in the world. The small things: clean drinking water; warm water to bathe; a bed; shelter; loved ones; and an able body and mind. These are just few things we may have and don’t fully appreciate.

We are grateful. Grateful for wonderful readers, subscribers,  and this platform to discuss various topics with all of you.

Thank you.

Please check out the video below.

Video Credit: Leonardo Rinaldi | Youtube

Video created by: Igor Kalashnikov



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