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Reflections: Be Grateful

be gratefulBe grateful for what you have today.  At times we may feel a desire for more possessions in life when we truly don’t need them. The need for a new car, new house, new phone, new clothes or shoes, etc. because we have “earned” it. In reality, we are just fine with what we have.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we do have – show gratitude. No matter what your situation is, your situation would be envied by someone else in the world. The small things: clean drinking water; warm water to bathe; a bed; shelter; loved ones; and an able body and mind. These are just few things we may have and don’t fully appreciate.
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Be Grateful For What You Have Today

The world sometimes can be a dark place. Don’t believe it. Turn on one of the 24 hour news channels and they will make you a believer.

Someone is always being murdered, maimed, or having an injustice caused to them. War is always on the brink and an epidemic imminent to hit.
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