Reflections: Making Tough Decisions in Life

tough decisionsA generation ago, people started working for an employer at the ripe age of 18 and never left. For their youth, deferred dreams, and precious time, they received a pension and maybe a gold watch when they retired. Well, there is a new generation in town called: Millennials. Millennials think differently. The thought of giving up our youth, dreams, and time for something not making a difference in the world is absurd.

Life is more than work

Life is more than work. It is more than money. Time should be valued. Remember, we only live once.

I used to work in a busy office for a world renown employer. Rubbed elbows with doctors, researchers, scientists, and directors. I was on the road to make an excellent salary and was beloved by management. The problem? I wasn’t happy. The administrative staff was not up to par so my work-life balance suffered. Most of all, the position gave me no fulfillment.

After sleepless nights, and agonizing thoughts of disappointing others. I made a tough decision to take my life back. Sure, people were confused and disappointed. But after making that tough decision, I felt like Atlas taking the heavens off my shoulders. I  took a risk. Took the road less traveled for the sake of my happiness and mental health.

Tough Decisions…

People are faced with the challenge of making tough decisions every day. Virgos are known for being analytical, but sometimes we can analyze to the point of exhaustion. Life is not an easy journey, but don’t struggle with changing jobs, moving, or going back to school. Use these five tips to help ease your mind when making a tough decisions.

Talk to Family and Friends

Family and friends are not just people we share DNA and common interests with. They are there for us. When struggling to decide on a tough decision, reach out to your loved ones. You will not only be surprised by their support but their sage advice.

Analyze the Pros and Cons

Before making tough decisions, analyze the pros and cons. Take a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. Have the pros of the decision on the left and the cons on the right. Seeing your feeling and thoughts outlined on a piece of paper will help you make an objective decision. It can also help you make a decision quickly.

Go with your Heart

Deep down you know what you should do. Listen to your heart. Sometimes people will try to persuade you to do things for their own benefit, but you know what is best for yourself. If you must go to a quiet place and meditate/pray, do so. Your heart will not lead you astray.

Have a Plan B

Stay positive throughout your decision-making, but have a plan B in case things do not work out. It is never a good idea to pin all of your hopes and dreams on one outcome. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. By  preparing your mind to withstand adverse consequences, you will feel more secure with your decision.

Accept the Toughness of Your Decision

Sometimes you need to make a leap of faith. There may not be a solid answer, so there is no need for you to continue researching and dealing with the pressure. Make a decision based on the information that you possess and go from there.

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4 thoughts on “Reflections: Making Tough Decisions in Life”

  1. This is a timely post as I too am going through something like this. It’s about a job change as another company is offering to hire me, but it involves so many life changes in my part such as relocation, more responsibilities and a more demanding lifestyle. You’ve given good tips as to how I can go about this, for one I’ll have to think and dwell on this making sure it’s a balance of sustainability and my happiness as well.

  2. Balancing personal interests and financial stability is the most frustrating thing about the job market. I dream of having my ideal career, but also realize how likely it is that I will have to settle for something that pays the bills and eventually, perhaps, go for what I really want.

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