Reflection: Think for Yourself

Think for Yourself

Article written in the first person from a staff member.

In 2016, it can be hard to hear your inner voice. There are 24 hour news programs, social media, gurus of every topic, and everyone from a world leader to your dear friend has an opinion on how you should live your life. Everyone to some degree will try to persuade you to believe the same as them. And it is okay to listen. But through the noise, you must think for yourself. Whether you sink or swim, you must make your own choices in life.

I Got Fed Up


Here is a story I want you to consider. I used to work at a job that was very chaotic. When I first started, I believed in my supervisor. She stated she cared about my career and I believed her.  However, when it came to promotions, I had to fight to get them, but the work never slowed. Her words simply did not translate into actions. After three years, I got fed up. I started to apply elsewhere for career growth. And shortly thereafter, I landed a much better position with career potential. I had to think for myself.

My Epiphany


Was my supervisor upset of me leaving? Yes. She wanted me to believe in her words and stay. In this case, her actions were a bit manipulative. But as I examined my peers, I saw contempt and career stagnation. Some had belong to this organization longer than I did. I was staring at my bleak future. An epiphany happened. I knew it was time to move on.

Thinking for yourself is scary. If you are anything like me, then you fear failure.  But failure shouldn’t be fear. No one is perfect. In fact, we learn from failure. We grow from it. Bounce ideas off of loved ones, but ultimately make your own decisions. We only live once and we need to start living for ourselves today. Don’t settle for less!


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