Trump’s Victory Not Being Accepted Well

Trump's victory

On November 8th, a new president was elected in the United States of America. To the shock of many, the person that was elected was not the seasoned politician that spend her life devoted to the people, but rather a Washington outsider. In a tight race that was almost too close in many states, Donald Trump won the race. His lead in the electoral college put him over the top. His victory not only stunned the nation but leaders around the world were also in disbelief.

The World Reacts to Trump’s Victory


The day after president-elect Trump was announced the victor, the world reacted. Many world leaders reluctantly offered congratulations while others expressed their concern about the future. Many citizens of the EU shared their reaction to Trump mostly with negative tones. But in Russia, the story was different. Vladimir Putin had a very positive reaction to Trump and praised the president-elect, stating that relations between Russia and the United States could finally move forward. Surely, Putin is hoping that the new president will lift sanctions imposed by President Obama for their role in the Ukraine conflict.

The Protests Continue


Days after president-elect Trump won the White house, protests around the country have continued. Thousands of young people have taken to the streets to show their frustrations. Some of these protests have become violent, and many local officials have referred to the protests as “riots”. While many are calling for peace and understanding, these protesters are not going anywhere anytime soon. Trump supporters, on the other hand, are clearly upset that the protestors are not accepting the results of the election. Some members of the Trump team are urging President Obama and Hillary Clinton to speak out against the protests. Many feel very uncertain about not only Trump’s presidency but the future of the United States.

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