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Reflection: Avoid Misusing Credit

misusing credit

Recently, a Virgo Philosophy staff member recounted a disturbing story. A neighbor was experiencing the displeasure of foreclosure on their home. The house was an heirloom and generations lived in it since the late ’60s. Incidentally, the primary homeowner fell ill so the title deed came to be in a family member’s name. This member didn’t live in the house but had a love for the “finer things” in life, i.e. fast cars and luxurious homes. So, they took a loan with the house as collateral. They lagged on their payments to the bank and now the bank is trying to sell the home. It is not hard to imagine the anguish and accompanying despair of this family. We need to make due diligence to avoid such scenarios.
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How do you plan to spend your tax refund?

Tax ReturnToday, January 20, 2015, marks the first day the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin accepting and processing 2014 returns.

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Debt and the Holidays


DebtThat four letter word can carry a lot of weight.

The holidays can add to the burden of debt if you are not careful. The great deals and lowered prices will encourage millions, if not billions, of people to spend more money than they can actually afford.
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Reflections: The Disgruntled Coworker

The 2007 Recession struck a chord with many people. Every day it was not uncommon to hear about mass layoffs and stories of the unemployed.

With that being said, it is not uncommon in 2014 to witness disgruntled coworkers in the workplace. You would think people would be happy to have a job, especially a job that paid decently. However, it is not enough for people who feel they are owed something.

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