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How do you plan to spend your tax refund?

Tax ReturnToday, January 20, 2015, marks the first day the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin accepting and processing 2014 returns.

Filing taxes can be a stressful time of the year. Continue reading How do you plan to spend your tax refund?


Reflections: Protect Your Lifestyle



That is the word that has and will continue to ruin many lives. The recession taught all of us money lessons. One of those lessons is to make sure you have multiple revenue sources. You should never allow a stranger to have 100% control over your life. Think about it. Your boss and/or clients can put an end to you paying your mortgage/rent, car payments, and buying groceries. That is too much power for someone you barely know to lord over you.

Save, invest, consult, start a business, or get a second job. Find innovative ways to protect yourself from having your car repossessed, evictions, and foreclosures.  Preparation now will save you from heartache later.

Tip: The tax season is upon us. Instead of blowing that tax refund on something you don’t necessarily need try stowing it away for a rainy day.


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Money Tip: Save Soap

save soapPeople born under the Virgo sign are usually frugal and like to save money. So Virgo Philosophy will be sharing tips and ideas to help you save money. Continue reading Money Tip: Save Soap


Free Money!

free moneyThis morning during my two hour morning walk I found a quarter lying in a parking lot. I quickly scooped down and pocketed my loot. It always amaze me how you can walk down a sidewalk and find money just lying there. Usually it is a coin. Pennies being the most common. Sometimes if you are lucky you might find a quarter. Continue reading Free Money!