Money Tip: Save Soap

save soapPeople born under the Virgo sign are usually frugal and like to save money. So Virgo Philosophy will be sharing tips and ideas to help you save money.

Soap. Everyone needs soap to cleanse themselves. Try this tip to save soap and money. Switch to a bar soap, if you are using a liquid soap. Bar soaps are usually cheaper and can be just as effective as their liquid counterparts (i.e. moisturizing, scents).

When you finish using the soap in the shower or bathtub make sure you remove it.  We highly suggest putting it back into its original packaging, but you can also place it in a soap dish outside of the shower. The point of this tip is to stop the dissolving process of the soap. When left in the shower the soap can continue to dissolve, which means you will  need to re-purchase more often. This tip can also help reduce soap scum in your bathtub or shower.

This tip may seem minor but the savings can add up! Try it and let us know how it works for you.

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