Free Money!

free moneyThis morning during my two hour morning walk I found a quarter lying in a parking lot. I quickly scooped down and pocketed my loot. It always amaze me how you can walk down a sidewalk and find money just lying there. Usually it is a coin. Pennies being the most common. Sometimes if you are lucky you might find a quarter.

For a long time now, I have realized that some people just don’t care about coins . They just don’t value them. Most people use credit or debit cards these days. It is easier and convenient. Even I have to admit to using plastic over cash most of the time. However, cash will always be king when it comes to money. It has survived for centuries and is not going away any time soon.

So as I add my quarter to my piggy bank, I think about how quickly the coins will add up. Alone these coins are not very valuable; however, together I can buy or invest into something big!

If you see a lonely coin on the sidewalk today, pick it up and add it to your piggy bank.  Free money is always best.

Disclaimer: This website does not endorse dishonesty. If money is found in a wallet or in bulk, then it should ALWAYS be turned in. If you see someone drop money kindly let them know and return it. It is the moral thing to do.

Want to save your own coins? Get a cute piggy bank.

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