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Why are Gas Prices Declining?

Fuel Station, gas, Did you just give a double-take at your local gas station’s prices? You are not alone. Over the past few weeks, the price of gas has declined to under $3.00/a gallon nationwide.

What is causing the sudden decline of gas prices?
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Countdown to Christmas!

The countdown until Christmas 2014 has started!

We have place the countdown clock on the left-hand side

of the homepage of our website.

Countdown with us.

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Holiday Aftermath

Holiday AftermathThe holidays can be a festive time. Usually the food and drinks are flowing. Conversations can be fulfilling and memories are being made. One unfortunate side affect of the holiday season can be weight gain. Eating hearty and dense traditional foods can pack on the pounds. If you are feeling down about gaining weight during the holiday aftermath, try some of these tips to lose a few pounds:

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