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We Are Open For Business!

open for businessWe are very proud to announce our Amazon store has just launched. It is truly a fantastic feeling to be open for business! A dream-come-true.

More importantly, we are ready to serve each of you and hope you will continue to support us at Virgo Philosophy.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: We are currently having a 10% sale on our iPhone cases! No code necessary – go to our Amazon store and select the coupon by 10/25.

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Learn From Steve Harvey’s Leaked Email

leaked email

Comedian Steve Harvey has done it again! He has ended up in the media’s spotlight due to controversy. This time it is over a leaked email he reportedly sent out to his staff at the “Steve Harvey” show in Chicago.

He Wants Space

Steve makes it crystal clear for his staff not to speak him unless an appointment has been made. He states his previous policy was too lenient and people abused it. Now he wants space. Continue reading Learn From Steve Harvey’s Leaked Email

Don’t Let Social Media Be Your Downfall

social mediaIt’s not a secret that social media has taken over our lives. With the advent of smartphones, many people spend hours every day on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and etc., sharing their candid thoughts and images. We are so engrossed in social media, we forget it is considered public space. What we say is not anonymous. In fact, even after deleting your comment or account, your history, may not be permanently deleted. So it is best to be careful at all times when sharing any type of information through social media. Why? Well, there are certain things that get you fired or in trouble in a blink of an eye.
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Build an Engaging Resume

engaging resumeJobs. We need them to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. They are also needed to improve the sluggish economy. An engaging resume is the key to getting a hiring manager’s attention. Whether you need to spruce up your resume to land a new position or you are entering the workforce, these tips will help you catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Demonstrate your Skills

For years resume writing has included a list of skills. Employers are not impressed with your list of skills. Rather than a list, recruiters want to see how you apply your skills. Instead of saying “team-player,” show this skill by explaining how you facilitated teamwork in your career.
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