Sweden’s Six Hour Work Day

Six Hour Work DayThe majority of western employees are accustomed to spending more time with their co-workers than with family members. In fact, in the United States, the average employee spends 47 hours in the office each week. According to those who work these long hours, this is an effort to impress their boss while proving their work ethic. However, in most cases, the most they achieve is being completely exhausted when the weekend rolls around.

In Sweden they’re starting to take a different approach. There is a Swedish city name Gothenburg that has decided to challenge the widely- accepted eight hour workday by introducing a six hour work day. The Government of Gothenburg made this announcement in April of 2014, and the success has been very impressive.

By the end of the typical eight hour shift, most employees are tired, unfocused and no longer able to provide timely and efficient work. However, by the end of the six hour shift worked in Sweden, workers have not slowed down and there is an actual increase in productivity.

While there are some businesses, such as hospitals and care facilities that have to hire more staff to accommodate these shorter shifts, it has still been proven a success. This is because the staff are motivated, energized, and more productive. Why? Because it is difficult to concentrate on work for eight hours without finding ways to distract the time away. And even more importantly, a six hour work day means employees are able to find a better work – life balance, which means they can spend more time with their loved ones.

Obviously this is a win-win situation for those working the shorter work days as well as the businesses who have implemented them. Patients and customers will also see an increase in customer service, thanks to these shortened days.

Let us know in the comments if you would like the United States or your country to have a six hour work day? Do you think the productivity would increase or decrease?


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