Five Benefits of Drinking Water

benefits of drinking waterMany people still neglect all of the benefits of drinking water. Now that summer is here and dehydration is going to become more of an issue, it is even more important for people to drink more water. In developing nations, water is a precious resource given its scarcity and the fact that these nations tend to be very hot for most of the year. It has been said that the wars of the future will be fought over water and not oil. People who are fortunate enough to do so should drink more water and experience the benefits.

Water is necessary for the production of bodily fluids.

When people think about why they should drink more water, they should think about all that their bodily fluids accomplish and the role of bodily fluids in their bodies. They should then consider that bodily fluids are almost entirely water. In fact, the human body mostly water:  50 – 65% for the average adult.

People who suffer from constipation might just be poorly hydrated, since water is leached from the stools when the body is dehydrated. Hydration can prevent a lot of discomfort in the long-term and short-term.

Dehydration causes headaches.

Some people reach for aspirin when they get headaches when they should be reaching for a glass of water. Many headaches can be attributed to dehydration, and drinking a little more water carries no potential negative side effects.

Water is essential for adequate kidney function.

Kidneys cannot properly cleanse the body of certain toxins when the body is dehydrated. Chronically dehydrated people often get kidney stones, which can range from painful to downright dangerous.

Hydration is an important part of skin health.

While drinking more water is not going to rejuvenate aging skin, it can prevent some skin aging. It can also help people maintain healthy-looking skin in their own right.



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