Employers, Here are Five Ways To Spot Low Employee Engagement

According to gallup.com, employee engagement in the United States has been stagnant in 2015.

Employee Engagement

Stagnant  employee engagement does not imply employees are lazy  or assume employers are not up to par. There seems to be a disconnect between some employers and employees.

Perhaps, some employers are not aware of their employees’ dissatisfaction and that is causing friction or the employer’s decision to downsized has doubled, if not, tripled the load for a single employee and they don’t feel appreciated.

Most employees will not blurt out they are unhappy with an employer, but here are some clues you can use to find out if your employees want to run for the hills.

Here are five ways to tell if your employee hates their job:

– They keep a calendar on their desk and cross off each date in a methodical manner similar to someone serving a jail sentence.

– They are constantly using leave especially around the holidays to stretch out their time away from the madness.

– They are clock watching or checking their phones a lot. In extreme cases, they may write down their hours at work and cross them off as each hour pass by.

– Their mood is grim. They may be grumpy, abrupt, and lack friendliness.

– You can never find them. They are not at their workstation and they go over their allotted time for lunch and/or breaks. You may also notice them arriving late and leaving early.


*Stay tuned for our next article on ways to improve employee engagement at your office or place of business.

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