Drink Water and Lose Weight

drink water

Did you know that you can lose 10 pounds if you drink water for an entire year?

You can.

Sugary drinks have calories.  Those calories can add up very quickly if  you are not paying attention. Water has zero calories. You can drink a decent amount (not too much) of water and you will not gain a lot of weight. Instead you will be hydrated. You will feel full and not consume excess foods to satisfy your cravings.

Try it!

Start small. Drink water. Get rid of the soda, sugary juices, alcoholic beverages, etc. for one day and see how you feel. Then try a week and so on.

Photo credit: zirconicusso | Freedigitalphotos.net

*Disclaimer: Everyone is different and this may or may not work for everyone. You should always consult a physician when making changes to your diet.*


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