Do You Have Your Mega Millions Ticket?

Mega MillionsFINAL UPDATE: A single winning ticket from South Carolina has won the jackpot.

BREAKING NEWS: No one won last night so the jackpot is now $1.6 Billion.

Lottery fever is in the air. Millions of people around the United States braved long lines to play the Mega Millions today for a chance to be the world’s next billionaire! And why not? The deal is simple. You give the clerk $2 (USD) for a Mega Millions ticket and now you have a chance at winning $1 billion like everyone else.

Where is Mega Millions Played?

Currently, the Mega Millions is offered in 44 states in the United States, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mega Millions

When is the Drawing?

The drawing is tonight at 11 p.m. EST, but ticket sales will end 15 minutes prior. So there is still time to go to your nearest convenience store to grab a few tickets.

A Single Winner?

If a single person wins tonight they will have the option to either take an annuity for 30 year with graduated payments or the cash option, which will be $565.6 million (USD).

If there are multiple winners, then the prize will be split among the winners. However, if no one wins tonight, the jackpot will surge to $1.6 billion for Tuesday’s drawing.

If You Win, Do These Ten Things

Look we have all dreamed of winning the lottery. Some of us have already spent the money in our heads!

If you are the lucky winner of the Mega Millions drawing tonight or any future lottery, you have to be smart and do these 10 things:

  • Don’t tell anyone!
  • Wait to claim your prize and act calm.
  • Make photocopies of the front and back of your ticket. Also consider signing it.
  • Secure a safety deposit box for your ticket.
  • Hire an attorney and open a blind trust.
  • Retain a financial planner.
  • Retain a trustworthy accountant.
  • Pay off your debts. You don’t want people chasing you down after it is revealed you won.
  • Update your Will and Testament prior to telling anyone about the win.
  • Move away and consider changing your number. People will come begging.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you would do if you won $1 billion dollars.

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