Let’s Start A Savings Challenge

savings challengeOk … so none of us won the lottery. We didn’t get to quit our jobs and splurge on our wish lists for the holidays. With only 46 days (countdown below) left in 2018, we can still end on a high note!

Now is the time to make the most of the final days in 2018 and save some money for our households. So before the ball drops and 2019 is ushered in, let’s start a savings challenge.

The Rules

We are challenging our subscribers and visitors from around the world to the following:

  • Pick a goal you would like to save money for.

You need to first determine what you want to save for.  Choose a goal that will keep you inspired to save.

  • Set a monetary amount.

Due to the various currencies from around the world it wouldn’t be fair if we set an amount for the challenge. Just make sure you pick a realistic goal that you would be pleased to reach.

Please feel free to use the currency converter below.

  • Choose a method.

In order to reach your savings goal, you need to determine how much you need to save. This will depend on how often you get paid.

 Final Check-In

At the end of the savings challenge, we will do a final check-in to see how everyone did. At that point, feel free to share what your goal was, how much you saved, and your methodology.

We wish everyone the best of luck! Please bookmark this page and feel free to leave questions, concerns, and comments of support below.

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