Five Ways To Create a Strong Password

strong password

Information is power! Each year, bad actors try to find new ways to access your valuable data. If you are using a weak password, then you are more susceptible to losing your personal data. Weak passwords are easy to hack even with little expertise. If you have an account, use a website or you are looking to create a strong password, here are some of the tips that can help you:

Make your passwords long

Hackers are known to use computer programs to figure out passwords. Therefore, if you are looking to create a stronger password, you need to make it long. The longer the password, the more complex it becomes to figure out.

Make your password a nonsense phrase

Although long passwords are harder to crack and guess, you should consider making it a nonsense phrase. The phrase should not be popular or use characters that are sequential on the keyboard. Again, the main objective when creating a strong password is to make it harder for others to guess.

Include symbols, numbers, upper case and lower case

When creating a password, take advantage of using symbols, numbers, upper case and lower case letters. These combinations will make your password even stronger. Again, don’t use sequential numbers or letters.

Avoid using personal information

Easily discoverable information such as an anniversary, birthday, high school, date of birth, pet name, etc., should not be used when creating a password. Third parties can gain access to this information and crack your password. If you are required to use security questions, choose answers that are not obvious and easy to guess because security questions can grant access to your account.

Do not reuse passwords

Although it might be hard to remember multiple passwords, you should not use the same password on multiple websites.  If someone inappropriately gains access to one of your accounts, it would be very easy to access additional accounts with the same password.  If you cannot remember all the unique passwords, you can make note of them in a secure place away from prying eyes.

We hope these tips were helpful. Using these tips to create a strong password will help to secure your data.

If you would like to share some tips you have discovered, please feel free to share them below in the comments.

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