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Annoyances in the Workplace

Today we are all lucky to have employment. A steady check goes a long way when the bills are due. With all of that being said, we all go through workplace annoyances and passive-aggressive attitudes when it comes to earning that paycheck.
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Is $75,000 the Cusp for Happiness?

cusp of happinessEveryone has heard the saying “more money, more problems”, but is it really true the more money you make, the happier you will get? Is $75,000 the cusp for happiness?
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Work Appropriate Attire – For Women

On television and in the movies, you often see women wearing low-cut blouses, short skirts, and five inch heels sashaying through the hallways. They seem dominant while exuding femininity. Men are wildly attracted to these women. While women both envy and Business Woman 1admire these women. Continue reading Work Appropriate Attire – For Women


Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skillsEveryone wants to improve their communication skills. Whether you are a college student or a top-level executive, your words define you as a person. People judge you based on your word-choice. When your written and spoken words sound articulate, people will view you positively and will be more willing to listen to you.

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