Annoyances in the Workplace

Today we are all lucky to have employment. A steady check goes a long way when the bills are due. With all of that being said, we all go through workplace annoyances and passive-aggressive attitudes when it comes to earning that paycheck.

Annoyances in the Workplace

1.  People who refuse to flush the toilet.

2. People who push their work on you so they can do less.

3. Pointless meetings.

4. Coworkers with extremely bad breathe.

5. People who steal your food or items off your desk.

6. The coworker who ALWAYS take your parking spot.

7. People who scream in the office or place their phones on speaker for everything.

8. People who steal time and when they are in the office they do nothing.

9. The coworker who is ALWAYS on leave.

10. Limited raises and the excuses that follow.

11. The creepy coworker who makes sexual innuendos or inappropriate comments.

Would you like to add a workplace annoyance to our list? Add it in the comments.

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