Clothing – Here is a Quick Tip to Save Money


Save money by buying basic clothing. Basics are cheaper than ornate or decorative ones.

Some examples of basic clothing are:

– a white shirt

 – dark blue jeans

– medium wash jeans

– plain solid color shorts

– black yoga pants

– black cardigan

Basic clothing can be easily mixed and matched to create a large selection of outfits. Every now and then you can spice up your wardrobe with some unique pieces, but keep most of it simple.  Unique pieces are good to have, but it limits your wardrobe. Your co-worker or friend will always notice a unique pieces and they will remember how many times you wear it. Making it obvious if you have a large wardrobe or not. Remember to keep it simple and you can still look good!

Same mantra goes for your jewelry.

This tip can work for everyone despite culture and social-economic status.

Photo credit: | foto76


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