Work Appropriate Attire – For Women

On television and in the movies, you often see women wearing low-cut blouses, short skirts, and five inch heels sashaying through the hallways. They seem dominant while exuding femininity. Men are wildly attracted to these women. While women both envy and Business Woman 1admire these women.

This is the image that Hollywood has invented for the working woman.

Now in reality, the attire described above is not appropriate for work. It would be okay to wear these type of outfits after work for happy hour or hanging out with friends on the weekend, but a no-no in the office.

At work, your bust should be covered. Your dresses and skirts should be at knee length or a few inches above. There is no need to wear five inch heels when a conservative three inches will do.

When you walk out the door in the morning for work, you want people to take you serious. You want your work to be respected. You do not want people to think your office is located on a corner of a busy street in a seedy part of town. After all, you are a professional!


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