Reflections: YOLO

YOLOYolo means you only live once.

Anyone who has had the displeasure of going to a funeral will understand the impact of the acronym YOLO. A person can be here one day, then gone the next.

Life is short. Who wants to get up every day and be unhappy? Hopefully, no one. Unfortunately, people around the world wake up and go to sleep miserable about their current position in life.

If there is something in your life making you miserable, reassess what it would take to make yourself happy. Obviously, you don’t want to do anything drastic or lethal, but if you can change something in your life for the better, then consider it.

For example, if an employer or position makes you unhappy, research the steps you will need to take to land a new job or change your position. Or if you do not take enough vacation time to relax, then start planning mini trips. Explore the world outside of your front door. You owe this to yourself. Time is ticking!

Don’t go through life hating the alarm clock or taking your frustration out on your loved ones. Try something new. Relax your mind. Start small. Like the famous saying goes, “It is better to try and fail, than never to try at all.”


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