Earth Day 2015

Earth DayOn April 22, 2015, billions of people will celebrate Earth Day.  Earth Day is a day where people around the world display support for sustaining on planet’s resources for future generations.  Support can be displayed on both large and small scales.

In honor of our planet, we are going to list some helpful ways we can all do our part:

– Start Recycling. Paper, glass, plastic, and metal are a few materials which can be recycled.
– Use double-sided printing. Less paper will be needed and less trees will need to be cut.
– Buy a reusable water bottle instead of opting for plastic water bottles
– Take shorter showers and try to wash your hair less.
– Wash your car less
– Plant a tree
– Buy local
– Utilize the internet for paying bills
– Switch your use of plastic bags for reusable ones
– Opt to use public transportation or ride a bike
– Use less electricity. Good for the planet and your wallet.
– Try to cut your driving habits. Plan your routes to reduce your  carbon footprint.

Would you like to add more tips to celebrate our planet on Earth Day. List them below  in the comments.

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