Manifesting What You Want in Life


Ask. Believe. Receive.

Everyone has the ability to change what happens in their life. There are several ways people go about manifesting their desires, but the basic principles are the same.

Breathe, Relax, and Clear Your Mind

When you are frazzled, you can’t think. Go somewhere void of stressor (i.e. in your backyard, in a garden, near water) and take a deep breath. Let go of the world and shake your troubles off. When you are relax, clear your mind. Keep breathing until your mind is completely free. You want to get to a meditative-state. You are preparing your mind for manifesting.

Focus on the area you want to change

Concentrate on what you want. If you want a better job, then think about getting your new job. Think about where you want to work and how you would feel in your new position. Be detailed.

Believe in what you want to change

This may be difficult for some, but you have to believe you have the power to change your situation. If you don’t believe you have power, then you have already failed manifesting. Know greatness is coming.

Trust it will happen

You have to trust someone (divine) or something greater (the Universe) has your best interest. Your wants and desires have been heard and will happen.

Every manifestation is different. It can happen instantly or take time depending on the person and several other factor. However, if you follow the basic principles, your manifestation can happen. Keep believing.

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