Trump’s Plan for the First 100 Days

Trump's Plan

The news that Donald Trump is the President Elect of America is still sinking in around the world. Many people were shocked at the results, assuming that it would be Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, who would be inaugurated as President of the United States in January 2017. The Trump administration will shake up Washington D.C., domestic policy and world trade more than any previous administration has. Trump’s plan for the first 100 days is lengthy and ambitious. On the very first day, Trump plans an ambitious new contract that will wipe out the work of Barack Obama in one swoop. This article takes a look at each policy area and state what his plans are.


Trump will take action to remove all illegal immigrants with criminal records (around 168,000 people).

He will suspend immigration from ‘terror prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur’.

Table legislation to build the wall on the border with Mexico (he would also try to make Mexico pay for it).

Political Reforms at Washington

Trump has suspected there to be a lot of corruption in Washington politics and wants to have a clear out.

He will table legislation to place limits on the number of terms that Congressmen can serve.

He wants to place a ban of 5 years on White House and Congressional staff becoming lobbyists when they leave office.

He will place a hiring freeze on all federal employees.


Trump is determined to get rid of the Affordable Care Act which is seen as a pillar of Obama’s office. Instead he would bring in ‘health savings accounts’ which would give states more powers as to how they handle funds.

Energy and the Environment

Trump will cancel payments to the United Nations global warming programs. He will redirect these funds to pay for infrastructure projects in the US. He also aims to boost the oil and gas industry and reduce restrictions on fracking.

He wants to go ahead with the Keystone Pipeline.


He wishes to renegotiate the North America Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada.

He would cancel; the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Middle Class

Trump wants to bring in a Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act which, he says, would grow the economy by 4% every year and create 25 million new jobs. A middle class family with two children would receive a 35% cut in tax. Business rates would also be cut from 35% to 15%.

There are many other plans that he intends but these are the major outlines. It would completely transform the kind of country that the United States is if these were to go through. Trump will fight to make sure they do.

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