Reflections: Ode to Entrepreneurs

Without entrepreneurs the world would be a dull place.

Entrepreneurs, they come from different backgrounds, but hold the same belief. They desire to find a solution to a fundamental problem within society.

Entrepreneurs come in many forms: doctors, scientists, techies, educators, artists, students, etc. They do not conform to the humdrum beat of what society expects of a person. Instead they sprint down the road less traveled. Taking on personal risks and gambling on an audience to take interest in their creation. They dare to dream about the impossible, take rejection from naysayers, and possible ridicule of the ones closest to them. Why? To bring something new to the forefront. To have people think in a different way. To turn impossible to possible. Possibly even save lives.

Being a visionary is hard work. Sometimes you work at your goals alone. Working long hours and having little sleep. Dreaming and envisioning your creation will change lives, change the world. Make an impact even after your demise.

Think about it. Entrepreneurs have helped craft nearly everything we use today – in the modern world. The car, television, phone, the computer, and air conditioner are just a few objects to have changed the world thanks to entrepreneurs – the inventors.

Thank you, entrepreneurs. Never stop taking risks and dreaming. A world without you would be a monotonous and grim place.


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