Work Appropriate Attire – For Men

SuitsWork appropriate attire in the office for men usually conjure images of a suit and tie in many people’s mind. That attire for men is formal. It can be commonplace in offices and other white collar jobs. Usually the look most accepted in offices around the world is ‘business casual’. Business casual attire consists of slacks, button-up shirts, polo shirts, and loafers to name a few. It is a relaxed look yet not too formal or too informal.  Think about clothing you would wear to meet your new in-laws.

Sports jerseys, tennis shoes (for non-medical reasons), hoodies, tank tops, sagging jeans, skinny jeans, hats, and damaged (bleached, holes, ripped) clothing are inappropriate in an office. You should never look like you are heading to a club or out with your friends after hours. Your peers and superiors will not view you as professional or take you serious if you wear any of the above inappropriate attire.


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