Documentary Review: Who Killed Malcolm X?

Last weekend, I spent most of Saturday nestled under my blanket on the couch watching “Who Killed Malcolm X?” on Netflix. I must be honest. I have always admired Malcolm X. He made his mark on the world decades before I was born, but when I watch old black and white videos of him, I am captivated. I see a handsome, articulate black man with purpose and devotion to uplifting his people, and that is a precious sight to be seen, despite the fact, I am not a Muslim or Nation of Islam (NOI) member.

The Premise

I first want to implore everyone who has Netflix to watch the documentary because it is enlightening. I tout myself as a history buff, but this documentary exposed information I wasn’t aware of surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X. 

Throughout the six-part documentary, we follow citizen investigative journalist and historian Abdur-Rahman Muhammad piece together the facts surrounding the assassination and the three men convicted of murdering Malcolm X. Through factual evidence, the documentary strongly asserts that two of the men, Muhammad Abdul Aziz (formerly known as Norman 3X Butler) and Khalil Islam (formerly known as Thomas 15X Johnson), were completely innocent, but unjustly sentenced to life for the murder. 

My Thoughts

Throughout the documentary, I was struck by how many people knew or had heard rumors of the real killers coming from the same mosque (#25) in Newark, New Jersey, but did nothing. The few people who either sought the truth or told the truth like Abdur-Rahman Muhammad and Talmadge Hayer, the only confessed gunman, were told to stop or ignored. The notion of remaining silent or looking the other way is revolting, yet I’ve noticed history’s darkest moments are riddled by it. It takes a person with integrity to stand up and tell the truth. Ironically, even Malcolm X was vilified and murdered for speaking the truth. One person put it the best in the documentary, “He was a straight man in a crooked game.” 

Yesterday, I was proud to read the case is being reinvestigated. In my opinion, the first case was a miscarriage of justice against two innocent men. Despite Islam passing away a wrongly convicted man in 2009, I hope through the Innocence Project, Aziz’s conviction will be overturned. The truth is the truth, and it is about time for the truth to be unveiled at the highest level. 

Have you seen the documentary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Video credit: coffee & tv | YouTube

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