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Tip of the Month: Hanging Necklaces

Do you own necklaces and have no place to put them? Are you worried that your necklaces will tangle? Can’t afford a jewelry box or don’t have the space for one.

hanging necklaces

Try one of these tips for hanging necklaces, in particular, custom jewelry. Fine jewelry is not recommended for the following tips.
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Money Tip: Save Soap

save soapPeople born under the Virgo sign are usually frugal and like to save money. So Virgo Philosophy will be sharing tips and ideas to help you save money. Continue reading Money Tip: Save Soap


Grocery Shopping

grocery shoppingSo you have decided to start a household budget. That is a very good way to track the flow of your money. The first category you can start with is grocery shopping. You need to eat, but you don’t have to overspend to eat well.

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