Tip of the Month: Hanging Necklaces

Do you own necklaces and have no place to put them? Are you worried that your necklaces will tangle? Can’t afford a jewelry box or don’t have the space for one.

hanging necklaces

Try one of these tips for hanging necklaces, in particular, custom jewelry. Fine jewelry is not recommended for the following tips.

Option One

You will need:

  • two or three short nails (depends on how many necklaces you have)
  • a hammer
  • an inexpensive wooden piece of furniture (i.e.  a bookcase)

ALERT: Make sure you don’t care about small holes being place in the piece of furniture.

For purpose of this demonstration we will be using a bookcase for our example

Pick an inconspicuous place to hammer two or three short nails. I chose  the top right-hand corner of my bookcase – very close to the wall. Hammer the nails in half-way so the necklaces can hang. Voila! In less than three minutes you have a place to hang your necklace so they won’t tangle. It will also look very decorative.

Option Two

Not wanting to put holes in your wooden furniture is understandable. With this alternative method no tools are necessary.

You will need:

  • a pack of 3M Designer Hooks (can be found at grocery stores, big box stores, and internet retailers).

Pick an inconspicuous place for the hooks. These hooks are stylish and stick easily to smooth surfaces due to the adhesive. Make sure you follow the directions per the package. Within a few minutes you will have a place to hang your necklaces – no holes necessary. This may be the better option as the hook will not tarnish the jewelry.



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