An Ode to Three Day Weekends…

three day weekendsJust about everyone loves three day weekends. Sometimes two days are not long enough.

During a two day weekend the same scenario happens. On Saturday, you might hang out, go to the gym, or rest. It really doesn’t matter what you do because the day flies by at lightning speed. On Sunday, you may sleep in. When noon hits you feel the annoying rush to get errands finished before “the game” starts. The dreaded and nagging thought about  Monday consistently lingering in your mind.  When 9 p.m. creeps around,  you finally close your eyes and go to sleep only to be awaken to the blaring alarm clock…it’s Monday morning. Time to start your commute.

Long story short, two days are not enough for balancing household errands, relaxation, and a social life. And…that’s why three day weekends are loved by everyone. That extra day is simply priceless.

Video credit: NatureisBeautiful2017 | Youtube


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