A Federal Hiring Freeze is not the Answer

federal hiring freezeJanuary 20th has come and gone. With that comes the fear and worry for millions of Americans. No wonder President  Donald Trump’s unfavorable poll numbers are historically low (Washington post says 54%). Out of the last seven Presidents, he has the worst numbers for an incoming President.

Why are people scared? Why is his approval low? That answer would take a long time to answer, but suffice to say it would deal with Trump’s unpredictable nature. He wants to shake things up, but will it be for the worst? Lives lay in the balance.

Targeting Federal Employees


One reason every American should be scared is the fact Trump is targeting federal employees. Now Congress – mostly Republicans – despise federal employee for no logical reason. They have been the proverbial punching bag for years now and still they try to endure for the public’s sake. The public and Congress should be more concern about Congressional duties. There is a reason people call them a “do-nothing-Congress” and that’s unacceptable with their bloated paychecks ( average $174,000), staff, and benefits. Not to mention, their endless perks and vacations.

Due to a few bad apples, federal employees have been stereotyped and vilified. We’ve heard how a person was caught viewing porn and how some have abused their power. That behavior can also happen in the private and non-profit sector. Likened it to the few bad police officers who make all police officers look bad. The bad actions of a few does not speak for the many employees who go to work to better the United States. To make America safe. Just to name a few things federal employees do: help with housing and small businesses loans; keep polluters in check; ensure we have healthy food and clean water; better our education; secure our money; protect our borders to the best of their ability; safeguard our travel, and pay our retirees.

No employee is perfect but they all serve the United States proudly and to the best of their ability. But all of that has become jeopardized with Trump’s hiring freeze. You can’t get blood out of a turnip! Agencies are vital to the betterment of this country. The freeze will stretch them thin which does not bode well for Americans. Attrition, hiring one employee for every three who leave, will fail. Baby boomers are about to retire in droves leading to a brain-drain. Not recruiting and retaining young, talented people or scaring them away is not efficient.

Contractors are not the Solution


Some fear agencies may turn to contractors,  but they are not the answer to filling vacancies meant for employees. Contractors come from private company are very expensive. They also come and go unlike vested employees. Some may even deal with your personal identifiable information (PII) which is nerve-wracking in the age of identity theft.

The Fallout?


Coming down on federal employees will not “drain the swamp”. Employees are not the problem. I expect as people retire or leave the federal government, taxpayers will reap the consequences of Trump’s decision. Longer times to process invoices, social security checks, and IRS refunds. Longer wait times on the phone. And a less capable government for the American people will be the order of the day.

What is your opinion on the federal hiring freeze? Do you agree with President Trump or are you against it? Let us know in the comments.


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