2016 Presidential Candidates

Whenever American politicians announce they are running for President, they automatically become the center of attention. Everyone would like to know more about their political life, relationships, families, finance, etc.

Below are a few of the  2016 Presidential candidates and a few facts  about them:

Hilary Clinton: Clinton is a 67 years old  mother and wife to the former American president Bill Clinton. She is the former Secretary of State under Barack Obama’s presidency. She is one of the top Democrats running for President. She describes herself as a progressive, which means she wants society to work together and give people the tools to better themselves.

Bernie Sanders: Sanders is a 74 years old. He is married and has four children ( one biological and three step-children). He is a democrat and senator from the state of Vermont.  Improving the financial status of American workers is important to him. A path way to citizenship, higher minimum wage, lower tax for the middle class, and affordable college tuition, among other things is what he pledges. He could be described as more liberal than Clinton.

Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump: Trump is 69 years old. He is married and has five children. He is best known for his show “The Celebrity Apprentice” and being a successful billionaire businessman. He may not be well-known for foreign policy, but he touts his strong business attributes.  He is running under the Republican political party and is currently the forerunner.

Jeb Bush: Bush is the son of a former American president George H. Bush and the brother of George W. Bush. Jeb is 62 years old, married and has three children. He has spent part of his life on business but much of it in politics. In 1998, he was voted in as the Florida governor and left office in 2006. He is now hoping to be elected as the American president under the Republican Party.

Ben Carson: Carson  is 63 year-old man, married and blessed with three sons. He has spent his years in a career as a neurosurgeon and rose to fame due to successfully  separating conjoined twins. In terms of other careers, he is a philanthropist and a journalist. Recently, he has given more emphasis on politics, and he is vying for presidency under Republican political party.

No matter what your political affiliation or where you live in the world. Whoever wins the presidency will have an affect over your life. Stay tuned for more information about these presidential candidates.  The official date to vote the 45th President into office is November 8, 2016.

For more additional information about the 2016 Presidential Candidates, click here to go to CNN.com.

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