The Enchanting Jessye Norman Has Passed Away

Jessye Norman
The extraordinary Jessye Norman. An international opera superstar.

This morning I had an angel sing to me, and her voice moved me beyond words. The angel’s name was Jessye Norman.

Norman was an international opera superstar, Grammy Award winner, and best known as “one of the great sopranos of the past half-century.” Yesterday, she, sadly, passed away at the age of 74 in Manhattan, New York. According to a statement released by her family, she died of septic shock and multiple organ failure following a spinal cord injury she sustained in 2015.

Her Enchanting Voice

Upon hearing of her unexpected passing, I rushed to YouTube to listen to her sing, “When I am laid in earth.” Not only does she appear majestic in her glistening attire, but like sweet honey to my tongue, her enchanting voice was divine to my ears. As she repeated the words, “remember me,” her words struck me. It was almost like she was foreshadowing her passing.

Yes, we will remember you, Ms. Jessye Norman! We will not only cherish your exquisite voice but all of the great philanthropic work you have done.

Jessye Norman – When I Am Laid In Earth

If you haven’t heard Ms. Jessye Norman, a fellow Virgo, sing, I encourage you to check out the video below.

Please feel free to leave your condolences and comments below. You can also buy Jessye Norman’s music here.

Touching comments people left for her:

Jessye NormanVideo credit: texmex0303 | YouTube

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