Reflections: The Maia Campbell Video

Before anything is said. We want to extend our prayers and hope for a brighter future to Maia Campbell and her loved ones.

Maia CampbellViral Video of Maia Campbell

Like many of you, we have seen the distressing videos of Maia Campbell. In the first video, she is at a gas station in Atlanta (some reports say near Stone Mountain). She was barely dressed and looked disheveled. A tooth (or teeth) appeared to be missing, she was asking for drugs (crack) and discussing sensitive topics while pumping gas for a man.

We are not sure who the man is or his relationship to Maia, but it is alleged he is an Atlanta rapper. What disturbed many people was his disregard for her erratic behavior and the fact he filmed. He has since apologized, but not before posting a video explaining why his actions were not inappropriate.

LL Cool J Reaches Out

After the video went viral on the internet. Her former co-star from In the House, LL Cool J, voiced concern on social media and expressed interest in helping her.

Shortly thereafter, a second video of Maia Campbell surfaced. In the video she explains how she loves LL Cool J, but she didn’t want any help.

LL Cool J responded to the second video by tweeting out the following:

Our Thoughts

Most of us have experienced seeing a loved one suffer from either a mental illness or an addiction. It is heart-wrenching. Seeing Maia Campbell battling her own demons and decide she doesn’t want help is painful to watch. But like LL Cool J said, you can’t force help on those who don’t want it.

Despite the outrage to Maia Campbell’s situation, we believe the video may have a silver lining. Not to embarrass her, but to be candid and openly discuss the effects of addiction and mental illness in this country.

Is the video alarming? Yes. Did the man need to be post it? No. But if the man didn’t post the video and we didn’t see it, would it have still happened? Yes. Positive change can occur due to the video being posted. The video has the capacity to still help Maia as well as others. Not to mention, there is a possibility it could deter others from straying from a sober life.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. And if you view the video leave a comment saying sent you.

Video credit: Unrestrained One | Youtube


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