Product Review: FrostGuard Windshield Cover

FrostGuard Windshield CoverBrrr…..It is cold outside! You know what that means –wintry precipitation.

Personally, I love the snow.  I just dislike scraping frost, snow, and ice off my car in the wee hours of the morning. If you are like me and must leave your car outside during the winter months, then you know it can be a pain. That’s why I decided to give the FrostGuard Windshield Cover a chance back in 2015 and to date I haven’t regretted my purchase.

I purchased a FrostGuard Windshield and Wiper Cover With Security Feature in 2015 from QVC and four years later I am still loving it. In fact, I adored it so much that I encouraged my sister to purchase one and I bought two for my parents.

With the market offering a variety of FrostGuard Windshield Covers, you have to get one too. Below are four great reasons you need to buy a FrostGuard Windshield Cover before the winter season takes a turn for the worst.


The FrostGuard Windshield Cover is made from heavy polyester and has a weather resistant PVC lining. Not only will it ensure maximum protection against wintry precipitation, it is durable. Over the last four years, I have used my FrostGuard Windshield Cover countless times and it is still looks great!


It is very affordable to purchase this windshield cover. The price is about $35 (USD).  Not to mention, the frost guard comes with a warranty per their website. I have had my FrostGuard for four years with zero issues. So, if you have a small budget and you want high-quality cover, this is the best product for you.

Easy to use

With FrostGuard Windshield Cover, you can install and remove it easily in a few minutes. A manual or how to training is not required. Once you are ready to use the FrostGuard, simply spread it across the windshield and secure it around your side view mirrors. When you are ready to take it off, reverse what you did. Then fold the cover up and place it in your trunk to dry.

Highly Effective to Use

The FrostGuard Windshield Cover is the ultimate solution for your wintry needs. Not only will it protect your car from the damages caused by snow, ice, and frost, but it will save you valuable time in the morning when you need to get on the road. And have no fear of  someone pilfering it. The FrostGuard comes with a security panel that will secure it to your car.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a sedan, SUV, or large truck, the FrostGuard Windshield Cover will protect your vehicle from the elements. It is light and compact, so you can easily store it. Just don’t forget to put it on when the weather takes a turn for the worst!

Do you have a FrostGuard Windshield Cover? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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