President Trump Declares Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Following a bold decision by the Trump administration to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, many people are left questioning why this happened and if a resulting negative ripple effect will result. Alongside this decision to declare a new capital of the country, the decision has been officially made to move the U.S. Embassy from its current home in Tel Aviv to the newly declared capital city. While this process is slated to take years to see to completion, the wheels are in motion.

Why The Change in Capital?

Arguably, there are several reasons the current administration has come to this decision. However, it all boils down to one factor: keeping a promise. Since the mid-1990’s, presidents have made grand claims to move the embassy and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. While this was a platform for many campaigns, when it came time to act, former administrations were swayed to delay or outright turn against the decision. This had quite a lot to do with the lingering conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, hoping to not incite an even bigger war between the factions.

What Does This Mean For The Current Palestine/Israel Conflict?

Both Palestinians and Israelis consider Jerusalem their capital. Palestinians, who are mostly Muslim, have taken President Trump’s decision as a slap in their face. Israelis, who mostly practice the Jewish faith, are overjoyed. The United States seemingly picking one side over another could tip the scales in a very brutal way.

Could There Be Backlash From This Choice?

As it would turn out, there has already been riots and protests as an result of the decision throughout the area. While this area is no stranger to aggressive behaviors between each side, the latest string of violence and outrage is directly connected to President Trump’s decision to move the embassy and declare a new capital in this contested land.

There was likely nothing nefarious about this choice, as it was fulfilling a commitment that Trump declared while he was still campaigning for the presidency. President Trump ensures both Palestinian and Israeli leaders that the United States will continue there efforts to resolve this ongoing war between the two.

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