It is Virgo Season 2020!

Virgo Season 2020Woo-hoo…it is Virgo season 2020! Happy Birthday to all of our fellow Virgos (including our founder)! To celebrate the Maiden, we want to share ten fun facts about Virgos so you can understand this astrological sign more. Enjoy!

Below are 10 Fun Facts about Virgos:

  1. They take relationships seriously, which is why they usually stay in some longer than they probably should.
  2. Their mind will always be ten steps ahead of yours.
  3. They try to give people the benefit of the doubt when most of the time people don’t deserve it.
  4. If they don’t really like you, some will avoid conversation, but still, be polite, while others will look past you like you don’t exist.
  5. They can sometimes come off harshly, but they always have the best intentions.
  6. They are an interesting blend of introvert and extrovert.
  7. They have very high standards.
  8. They are a human lie detector.
  9. Virgos in love will do pretty much anything for you. If they have it, you got it.
  10. If you are lucky enough to gain their affection, trust that they will be loyal and loving.

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Would you like to add to our list of fun facts? Feel free to share in the comments.

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